5 Way's To Organise Your Sewing Room

5 Ways To Organise Your Sewing Room

If you are looking at your sewing room and feeling overwhelmed, it is time to do some organising! 

I have recently been inspired by The Home Edit. They are based in America and basically sort out people's spaces using colour coding and other techniques. It got me thinking about our sewing rooms. So here are 5 suggestions of how you could organise your sewing room. Of course you may already have a wonderful sewing room but there may be a couple of takeaway ideas. Read on....

1) Pegboards 

Although not all of us will have space for a pegboard, even a small one can make a huge difference. Being able to see your threads and tools can be visually pleasing to look at as well as practical. It's far easier to reach up to change a colour thread than to go and dig one out of a box or drawer, just saying.


2) Use a binder to store you're patterns. 

Simplify how you store your patterns by getting a few binders and poly pockets and placing your patterns in them. Grouping them in individual binders makes them easier to access rather than (like I was doing) scrolling through all of my patterns one by one. Or is that just me?  The binders make it really easy to find what you need quicker and free's up your precious drawers. I for one am definitely going to do this!

Pattern Binder

3) Store your fabric

Some of us like to colour code our fabric, other's like to group fabrics together such as wools, linens, cottons etc, some might separate block colours from patterns. However you like it why not create a system, your system. If you have shelf space they always look lovely folded beautifully, so you can see them. You can then admire them and maybe even remember what you were going to make with it and do it!



4) Sort your scraps 

We all end up with scraps that are just too precious to throw away! Group scraps in colours and store them in plastic bins to minimise clutter.  Wicker baskets can be attractive as well as practical for this job too.  Scraps always come in handy and if you can't see a use for them, donate them to someone who might. Frondescence is a small UK business created by Molly. Molly re-uses off cuts of material or fabric scraps to make fabric plants!  Who knows, you may even decide to make a patchwork quilt one day.

5) Make it a nice space to be in. 

Make your sewing room somewhere you long to be. Inspirational pics on the walls or paintings that bring a smile to your face are always worth having around you.  You will be surprised what you can find in charity shops that might be a perfect fit for your sewing tools to sit in or to pop your scissors in. We don't always have to buy new why not recycle, up-cycle or repurpose. Your sewing room is YOUR room, make it happen. Put lovely things into your sewing room and lovely things will come out. It's your ME TIME space so personalise it.


We hope you enjoyed our 'organising' blog. Do you have anything you do to keep your sewing room organised? Let us know! We are starting a sewing room series in 2021 and would love to share your sewing spaces. Email me, Mary, and I will be only to pleased to reply and share your great ideas.

Until next time, Happy Sewing. 

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