The Sewing Room

Let's start the new year with some inspiration. Goodness knows we need a little boost after the last year we've had, and that's global!

As we sewers know our sewing room is our little slice of heaven, our retreat, our me time place. Whether it's a spare bedroom, a garden shed or the kitchen table we take whatever we can get and are welcome for it.

I would love to share with you the sewing rooms of some of my friends and customers, who inspire me with their skills and talent. We never ever, ever, ever get tired to talking up sewing.

Let's kick this off with mine.  Now that our children are off enjoying their own adventures I find myself with a spare room!!  A sewing room if you will.  From humble beings ladies, a dining room table late at night, to a room!  Last year I decided to make it my haven.

My hubby made cotton boards I saw on Pinterest complete with cotton AND bobbins together. He also made one for my overlocking threads, spoilt I know. Not only are they functional but look fantastic don't you think?  I invested in a wooden trestle table which accommodate my sewing machine and overlocker. Last year, Covid year, I decided to invest in a Professional Press. The jury is out whether I will use it alot but I've plenty of jackets and coats to make so I'm sure I will. 

I picked up a beautiful painting from Yorkshire whilst visiting a friend there two years ago and an original chalk painting of Womad by Joyce Young, a local artist. It's nice to surround yourself with inspirational things.

So that's mine. What I do know is that you don't need a palace, just a space to put your bibs and bobs. You can add little touches of things you like which are aesthetically pleasing and personal to you. 

Please send me pics of your sewing room to share with other sewers. We might just pick up a little tip that we could all use. That's the thing about we sewers, we love to share.

Til the next room.....Happy Sewing, be inspired!