The Sewing Room Series Featuring Shirley Taylor

The Sewing Room Series

Featuring Shirley Taylor


About Shirley

What can I say about Shirley? As it turns out, loads! She's an 84 year old ex-pat from the east end of London who has lead a colourful life, but to us she's a sewing icon. Shirley has honed her skills over many years.  Shirley came from the era of 'make do and mend'.  When Shirley lost her mum to illness suddenly she had two young siblings to care for along with a daughter of her own.  So with work, money in short supply and having to run a household,  Shirley came last in the long line of responsibilities. Yet here she is every bit the staunch elegant lady we've come to know.  A perfectionist at heart, those checks MUST match, Shirley goes the extra mile when putting an outfit together.  

Shirley can be found in her sewing room at least 4 days a week, being retired I think she's earned it. It's her passion. Fun fact: Shirley has a number plate on her car called "The Dragon Lady" but she's far from it. Shirley is known around town as the striking lady who always looks immaculate whether it's shopping for groceries, filling up at the Petrol station or having a coffee in one of her fav hangouts, she's noticeable and unforgettable.

We love Shirley and hope you enjoy wandering around her sewing room, or the inner sanctum as I like to call it. Her hubby Terry is a gem too and is very supportive, even when colourful language filters through the house from the sewing room when something doesn't quite go right. Even Shirley has the odd unpicking to do on occasion, perfectionists get that all the time!  

Until our March edition..... Happy Sewing