Why you need some Irish Linen this Summer.

The Summer of Sewing: Irish Linen

Here at Jones and Taylor we are declaring it 'The Summer of Sewing'. We simply love Irish Linen but if it is not something you have worked with before let us tell you why you need it this summer... 


Why choose Irish Linen?

Irish Linen is known for it's crisp, clean finish.  On a warm day there is nothing like Irish Linen to keep you cool.

This versatile fabric sew's easily and looks beautiful on. If you are searching for a fuss free fabric this summer, this is it!

The perfect summer patterns for Irish Linen...

We have some lovely summer patterns for you to make with Irish Linen. 

Why not try some of these..

The Sun Dress Pattern

The Day Dress Pattern

The Fielder Dress

Men's Tee Shirt


Browse our Irish Linen Collection here

Happy Sewing everyone and please let us know how you get on with anything you whip up this summer!